Doctor Who - Season 8 - Intro

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At last I know where I’m going…Where I’ve always been going…Home.

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Happy 50th Birthday Doctor Who (x)


bonus gif because major adorableness <3

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Blue Box | via Tumblr no We Heart It.


Blue Box | via Tumblr no We Heart It.

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How seiyuu (voice actors) recording their voices using 3D head 
mic for drama CD!! Kamiya Hiroshi also known as Rivaille Levi, Gareki, Satomi Rio, Natsume Takashi. Ono Daisuke also known as Irvin Smith, Sebastian Michaelis,
Sinbad, Hirato, Heiwajima Shizuo

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To that person hating/dissing Hirarin-oneechan because of his roles… 

Please, try and educate yourself first before you post hateful comments like that. 

Seiyuu are VOICE ACTORS, they ACT. It’s not like that they wrote and created the characters they voice. They just breathed life into them. 

Though oneechan himself might not be able to see and react to what you have said, there are people here who are his loyal fans and you will find that it hurts them too if you say things like that, especially if it’s groundless. And you might find yourself bathing in the ire of said people. 

Yes, you are entitled to post your opinions and whatever you like, but please, be responsible about it. 

And now to forget all these~! 

Have some Hirarin-oneechan fun facts!!! ww

  • He’s a very nice guy! During a radio show with Kondo Takashi, he said that before being a seiyuu, he wanted to be a daycare/kindergarten teacher, because he enjoys playing and being with kids. He decided on being a seiyuu because he thought, that way, he can breathe life into characters that children would enjoy. (Though… I don’t think kids should be allowed to listen to you on some of your work, oneechan ww)
  • He’s so nice, he’s easily duped! XDD He said he’s weak against those salesmen selling stuff door to door, and even those who come up and offer you stuff in the mall. He said he once ended up buying a grill used for cooking fish just because the salesperson cornered him. 
  • In connection to that above, after he ended up buying the grill, he bought fish immediately to test it out on, and surprisingly, he liked how it worked that he bought another one of the grills. www
  • Most of the younger seiyuus, they call him “oniichan”, and he says, he sort of finds that weird, because he’s the youngest child in his family. Also, one particular female seiyuu calls him “oneechan” and the reason she said was that he’s just like a kind and reliable older sister she can always ask advice from. www (That’s why I call him oneechan ww)
  • To those interested, his ideal “date” would be shopping together for groceries while holding hands and pushing the cart together inside the store, then going home and cooking together. And a house movie date as well.
  • He’s easily amazed and intrigued by techie stuff, and even not so techie stuff, like an electric razor. w
  • He claims to be a super hetare. ww Once, he said, he was commuting to the studio, and it was raining hard and the wind was very strong. On the way to the bus station, his umbrella turned inside out when the wind blew and he got soaked in the rain because of it. And so, he we ended up going in the studio all soaked up and dripping wet because he had no choice but to continue and ride the bus because it only passes once a day in his area. ww
  • And that he’s got the bad habit of not closing the door to the toilet when he’s using it. ww
  • He said he has never been in internet cafes and manga cafes, but would like to try and go if permitted. 
  • Also, he would also love to to go scuba diving and even get a license for it.

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let’s see how’s the others reaction….
Tachi’s keep laughing…..and Hino trying to hide his laugh…

Waccha and Terashii keep on their sweet face

let’s see how’s the others reaction….

Tachi’s keep laughing…..and Hino trying to hide his laugh…

Waccha and Terashii keep on their sweet face

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